Best electric scooters with suspension

Smooth road surfaces are a rare prospect in the UK and unless you enjoy the sensation of your bones shaking like a maracas attached to the end of a jackhammer, we suggest you read this guide to the best shock-absorbing, suspension-sporting electric scooters on the market in 2021.

A survey we conducted across between September - December 2020 showed (perhaps unsurprisingly) that most prospective buyers favoured more tangible, measurable and objective features such as speed, weight & range, above an electric scooter's ride quality and comfort.

 Pre-purchase electric scooter criteria

However, a similar survey that was sent to a select post-purchase customer cohort via email revealed something very interesting. We wanted to know the most important issues to these customers of those who had purchased an electric scooter without suspension or air-filled tyres and the results were telling.

Post-purchase electric scooter concerns


These results highlight a disparity between what a customer thinks they want - to what they actually value the most during their electric scooter ownership.

So with that out of the way, you're probably wondering how can one determine an electric scooter's ride comfort.

We've boiled it down to 3 main factors that we think make the difference: 

  • Suspension (ideally dual-suspension, but any is better than none at all)

Breaking this down further, electric scooters are generally fitted with either spring, air-piston, rubber or hydraulic varieties that are affixed to the front and/or rear wheels. Needless to say, dual-suspension provides the greatest level of comfort, but even just front suspension alone would offer a significantly improved ride quality.

  • Tyres

There are two options to decide between in this department; air-filled or solid tyres. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. For example solid tyres are extremely convenient as they are puncture-proof, but as we're writing this article to help prospective owners choose an electric scooter that will offer optimal ride comfort and quality, it should be made abundantly clear that solid tyres are not the right choice and air-filled tyres will always offer you a smoother ride with a much greater ability to absorb bumps.

  • Foot deck materials

Most skateboards are made from a very specific variety of wood called maple and for very good reason. It is the most flexible, shock-resistant and dynamic material for the job. Despite these beneficial properties there don't seem to be many electric scooters available sporting wooden foot decks, probably owing to the additional raw material sourcing and logistics as well as the need to treat, plane and varnish each board. There are however a couple of manufacturers producing e-scooters with maple wooden boards

Here's the list of our favourite electric scooters that offer the best ride quality thanks to a combination of suspension, tyres and foot deck materials

1) Zukboard City V2 (2021)

Price: £849.99

Ticking all of our ride-quality boxes, the Zukboard City V2 is a rare gem of an electric scooter. It sports robust 8" pneumatic tyres elevating the scooter to the greatest ground clearance of any we've tested. The tyres work hand-in-hand with the (patented) spring-loaded dual-suspension system and shock absorbers to create less bump and more glide. Sitting stylishly in between is the hand-crafted Canadian maple foot deck, which has been proven to be more hard-wearing, eco-friendly and flexible than regular foot decks. As if that wasn't enough, the foot decks can be swapped out in a matter of minutes for one that better suits your mood.



Price: £2199.00

Not just happy with one of the most aggressive dual-suspension systems on the market, INOKIM has incorporated a patented adjustable suspension technology, that allows you to effortlessly tweak the suspension position of the OXO (i.e. higher for rougher terrain, and lower for flatter surfaces), which when coupled with the 10" pneumatic wheels that take their performance and design cues from jet-engines, provide the smoothest e-scooter ride we've ever experienced. The suspension here is truly remarkable and a demonstration of INOKIM's engineering prowess. The suspension is hands-down the best of any electric scooter ANYWHERE, which we feel builds a strong case in justifying its price tag.


Price: £1,449.00

The INOKIM OXO'S little brother is 3rd in our list and slightly more affordable than its sibling, but by no means a slouch. The brawny 10" pneumatic tyres are capable of dealing with most terrains you encounter, while INOKIM'S suspension technology is evident again here, working in parallel with those fantastic wheels to offer a buttery-smooth riding experience. Speaking of the suspension; discerning riders will appreciate the OX'S patented suspension-adjustment technology, which can be effortlessly tweaked to suit the terrain (i.e. higher for rougher terrain and lower for flat surfaces). While other brands have attempted to imitate INOKIM'S style of suspension; none can claim to have achieved anything close to this and we think the price tag is well justified here. Good job INOKIM.



Price: £809.99

Walbeg Urban Electrics (the parent company of EGRET) has been manufacturing electric scooters for years and their very-German approach to design and engineering has helped establish them as a household name in the industry with the EGRET-EIGHT V2 playing a huge role in their success. This all-rounder wins you over with a total weight of 14 kg and a sturdy bevelled foot deck atop of the compact pneumatic 8-inch wheels, which cruise effortlessly over uneven surfaces thanks to the EIGHT V2's dual-suspension (which incidentally can easily be adjusted to tighten or soften the ride). Just as its predecessor, the EGRET EIGHT V2 is highly portable and a joy to fold/unfold.