My first week experience with an electric scooter

A recent My Scoot customers purchased an electric scooter to help her daily commute into the city. My Scoot caught up with her to get an insight into her experience, a week after buying her electric scooter.

How has your daily commute changed?

Last week I used a combination of transport options. My normal journey was a 10 minute bus ride, 20 minute overground train, 15 minute tube and a 5 minute walk. Thats if nothing is delayed!

Now my commute is a 5 minute scooter ride to the train station and a 7 minute scoot when i reach the city. So I am saving a good 20 minutes each-way.

I no longer get to the office hot and bothered in the summer and I don't have to deal with the delays.  

Where do store your electric scooter?

My electric scooter folds so I usually just leave the scooter under my desk and all my colleagues are always asking if I'm a bit young to ride a scooter and I tell them this is an adult scooter and they need to have a ride before making these comments. In fact 2 of them are working from home today awaiting their electric scooter delivery.

I specifically also looked for something easy to carry and my scooter has wheels when folded so its easy to move around on the train.

How often do you charge your electric scooter?

I usually charge on the weekend. My scooter has an indicator which tells me how much battery I have so I know if I'm ever running low. It also has an eco mode for those emergency moments but not had to try it out so far.

Any other comments for anyone who is thinking of buying?

Really loving my adult electric scooter. I save so much time on my commute. I'm not sweaty and frustrated of people invading my space when I get into the office.

I would recommend to anyone thinking of buying an electric scooter that they spend some time researching as lots of cheaper electric scooter models out there which don't meet the same standards as the reputable brands

The scooter is quicker than it looks, its great fun and I don't need a coffee as I'm exhilarated from my ride in!

Article last updated on 23rd August 2019