A guide to maintaining your electric scooter

It's extremely important to maintain your electric scooter. Good maintenance can help keep you safe, making sure the scooter is performing as expected but it will also help reduce your overall running costs for new parts. 

We recommend that you check your electric scooter before and after your journey but also give it a thorough check at least once a week, especially if you are clocking up some serious miles.  Brakes tension, tyre tread & pressure and the screws & bolts that hold your electric scooter together can easily become loose with vibrations and daily usage, so it's vital that you follow guidelines and re-tighteh, re-adjust and lubricate the parts as required.

Now will walk through our top tips to help you maintain your scooter. 

Maintaining your tyres

Maintaining the air pressure of your tyres can affect so many aspects of your electric scooter. A simple hand pump can be used to pump up the tyres to a sufficient amount. Correct tyre pressure can help: 

  • Maintain the speed and control of your electric scooter

  • Improve battery life

  • Improve safety with tyres having sufficient grip on the road

  • Support braking sharply when needed

Top tip: A firm squeeze on your tyre can be sufficient enough to check if your tyres need more extra air pressure. 


Always ensure your brakes are sharp. If you have dual brakes make sure you check both of these on every trip and when riding utilise them both. Over time your brakes will move and adjust so always ensure the brakes remain tight. The easiest way to adjust your brakes is tightening the brake cable tension, you will notice a screwable bolt next to the brake lever which you can open to tighten the cable. 


Battery performance has lots of external conditions that can affect the performance these include: 
  • External temperature

  • Weight of rider

  • Riding terrain

  • Elevation of ride

All of these factors can affect the battery in different ways. Check our guide on battery performance. Always ensure you charge to full when recharging to maintain your battery health. 

Our 3-point checklist before your journey

Follow our quick 3-point guide to help you quickly check your scooter before every journey. 
  1. Tyre check - Firmly squeeze tyres to ensure they are sufficient inflated

  2. Brake check - Press each brake and move the scooter forward making sure they lock the wheels in place

  3. Battery check - Make sure you have enough battery power for your trip with some additional if you maybe going uphill


Top tip: Carry a bottle of B.A.M instant repair to provide you an instant recovery if you get a puncture


Our checklist after your journey:

Some handy checks when you finish your journey will help maintain your scooter ready for its next ride. 
  1. Wipe down - Always good to wipe down your scooter especially in wet or damp conditions to limit any water steep into any electrical sockets. Also check out our guide about riding in the rain

  2. Battery check - Dependant on your battery remember to put it on charge so your ready to go on your next trip

  3. Tyre check - Quick check if any inflation of your tyres is needed before setting off on your next journey