Can you look stylish in a helmet?

While you may have noticed that we're big on scooter safety here at My Scoot, we are equally keen on staying stylish while we're zipping through our towns and cities. This article lists a run-down of our top tips to keep you stylish while you scoot.


This is an obvious one. You have to be alive to be stylish, so double-check (and then triple-check) that your helmet conforms to the EN1078 safety standard. Is it made from the most robust materials? While helmets made from ABS are still valued and found in some of the best products available, nowadays you will also find products toward the high-end of the market that are made from carbon, revered for its durability-to-weight properties. Sure, you may have to shell out a little more, but this is one category we're sure you'll agree should not be sacrificed.


An ill-fitting helmet is not only a recipe for disaster, but can also be unattractive on the eyes. Make sure to find a helmet with front & rear adjustable straps for the most snug-fit. We don't want to sound like drama queens (or annoying parents), but wearing approved and properly-fitted head-protection can be the difference between surviving a crash or not.

Once you know the circumference of your brainbox (and remember; bigger heads, bigger brains, right?), remember to size up instead of down if you're on the border of two sizes, as it is generally safer (and easier) to fit into a slightly larger helmet than into one that's too small.


You might think this is a comfort only requirement, right? At My Scoot, we;ve tested some entry-level helmets, and we're still trying to get rid of the red marks they left us with! Padding is key here! Some helmets have a more than one retention system that will serve to tighten not only the outer helmet, but the inner shell too. The result is a comfortable, snug fit, however, it's still equally important that the shell-shape (and proportions) are spot-on and that you are not relying purely on the tightening mechanism, masking what might be an otherwise an ill-fitting helmet.

Try out the "V" test once you're happy with the adjustment of the helmet's retention system (the straps around your chin) by placing your middle & index fingers between the strap and your chin. You should be able to make a "V" shape underneath your ears.


To avoid your noggin overheating (especially in the summer months) and looking like you've just come out of a sauna, be sure to check the ventilation of the helmet you want to buy. It is indeed hard to assess "breathability" while shopping online, so rest assured My Scoot provides 14-day returns window, so you check this important, but oft overlooked criteria.