1) Range

The first thing you need to look at is the scooter's range. Most of today's electric scooters can range anywhere from 15 miles to 25 miles on a single charge. From our experience, we've found that the sweet-spot is a full charge every other day. Anything more and things can become somewhat inconvenient. While it depends on your daily usage, a full charge every few days will help stave off any range anxieties, wondering if you will make it to your next destination with enough juice to return.

If you are purchasing an electric scooter for your daily commute, then work out your daily miles and make sure you pick a scooter with a little bit more range than advertised to ensure you make your journey. Once you have made your purchase check out our battery guide, which we've written to help you optimise the lifespan of your scooter's battery.

TOP TIP: Some models, such as the Inokim Light 2 are equipped with a battery indicator in the handle bar display.

Windsor Long Walk

2) Portability

The next feature for your careful consideration relates to portability. If you travel on a train and need to fold or carry the electric scooter up or down stairs you will want the scooter to fold up so you can easily carry. If this doesn't apply to you then you can skip to the next section but if you need to carry the scooter a lot then you would want to look at something like the Inokim Mini 2 with mini wheels that will help you manoeuvre with ease across a platform or the EGRET-TEN V3 that has foldable handles which makes it easier to carry.  

Now the weight, electric scooters are not light. They are a sophisticated piece of engineering and those with a longer range are heavier because they have bigger batteries. However, some scooters that fold also come with mini wheel which help when you are walking with them.

TOP TIP: Select a scooter that folds as you never know when you need to carry them. The Inokim mini 2 is lightweight, foldable and has mini wheels so you can pull it along.

3) Ride quality

All the speed and range in the world won't count for much if the ride is uncomfortable. You should feel safe and in control of your journeys and we've described the sensation akin to brushing over a cloud! If the majority of your journeys are on cycle lanes and smooth roads then solid rubber tyres are adequate, but they are not the smoothest.

When it comes to tyres, the crème de la crème, are air filled tyres, which will not only provide a comfortable ride but also provide a nice grip for your ride. Even without suspension larger (10" +) tyres can feel like you're driving on a cloud, even when cruising over the inevitable bumpier surfaces or across grass.

We would avoid the cheaper models with plastic and smaller wheels as any bumps in the road means your ride is not the most stable.

TOP TIP: Select a scooter with air filled tyres for maximum comfort such as those found on the Egret-Ten V3 or the Zukboard City.

4) Speed

Speed wasn't ranked as the the first feature in this list as anything between 15mph-20mph is sufficient for a commute in busy cities, which is about 4-5 times faster than walking.

If riding on city roads you're going to need to stop quickly and safely so a dual brake system is ideal like as is featured on the Inokim Light 2. This will help you stop safely and effectively. Again I would really avoid the cheaper models that have a single braking system if you're on busy roads.

While we are talking about speed lets' not forget about safety. The first extra you NEED is a good quality helmet. Be safe when scooting. Read our post about scooter safety.

TOP TIP: You don't have to pick the fastest scooter around, anything above 15mph will be sufficient for a commute or fun on private land; the Inokim Quick 3+ will easily beat a cyclist at a traffic light.

5) Brand pedigree

The increasing number of manufacturers producing electric scooters has provided lots of choice for the consumer but has also made buyers wary of the cheaper not fit for purpose brands entering the electric scooter market. Be careful when purchasing and always find a reputable brand!

Are electric scooters legal in UK?

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