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How do you stop when riding an Electric Scooter?

Different Electric Scooters have different braking methods. The majority of our Electric Scooters come with mechanical or electric brakes which you control via a lever on the handlebars. Some Electric Scooters in our range also have a manual foot brake which is engaged by pressing your foot on the rear fender similar to manual kick Scooters. Another way of slowing down is to release the throttle. This stops the flow of power to the wheels and allows you to stop in a more controlled manner. This method also saves on brake wear and tear.

How long will my e-scooter take to charge?

Individual Electric Scooter charging times will vary. Most can get to about 70% in a few hours but generally speaking they can take between 4 to 8 hours to be fully charged. We list each Electric Scooters charge time on the product page but you can also consult the relevant user guide for more information.

What type of battery does will my e-scooter have?

The battery type varies depending on the model but the most common battery type is Lithium ion batteries. Check out our blog on the types of Electric Scooter batteries and how to look after them if you require more information.

What is the lifespan of my e-scooter battery?

A battery life span is measured in charging cycles which indicates the number of times it can go from 100% to 0% and back up to 100%. Most batteries have a lifespan of about 1000 cycles so if you use your Electric Scooter every day we suggest you charge it after every use and try and keep it above 70% to 80%. Check out our Electric Scooter batteries for more information.

Should I first fully discharge the battery of my e-scooter before charging it again?

No, you should not. Avoid depleting your Electric Scooter battery before charging it again. Always make sure it is a minimum 30 % charged but ideally keep it above 70% to 80% if you can. If you charge your Electric Scooter' battery regularly and do not leave it discharged for a long time, it will help you a lot to prolong its life.

How do I know when the battery is fully charged?

There is a light indicator on the charger of your Electric Scooter. When the battery is fully charged the light turns green. You can also check the level of the battery charge on the battery charge indicator on the LCD display.

"Watts" the hell?

The power of the electric motor is measured in Watts (W) and determines its acceleration and ability to go uphill and handle heavier riders. Generally speaking the more watts your Electric Scooter motor has, the greater the Electric Scooters ability to get you up that hill quicker.

What's the top-speed of my electric scooter?

Like range, the max speed varies by model and other factors such as battery charge, terrain and weight of the rider. Our EGRET Electric Scooters have a top speed of 18 mph whilst the Xiaomi 365 Pro has a top speed of 15 mph.

Can you use an Electric Scooter in the rain?

We strongly recommend that you do not use your Electric Scooter in the rain. However, we all know how changeable the British weather is, so if you do get caught in the rain, don’t worry. Try and avoid puddles and once you have completed your journey make sure you wipe the Electric Scooters down.

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